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Welcome To Our Caring Hands

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Our Caring Hands is a nonprofit organization, we are a globally focused charity organization that works to improve the lives of the younger generation and needy individuals who live in poverty in under-developed nations through the use of education, scholarship, and measurable programs with equitable resources.

Our Caring Hands was founded by Palash Chowdhury, Rifayat Showrav & Tarekul Islam in October 2018. We started helping our friends and family who were in need when we were 19 years old. We are three friends who have the same intention of helping others. Then we thought of expending our hands to help more people around the globe. That is how Our Caring Hands started its journey. Read More

Causes That Close To Our Heart



Upcoming Events

Aug 2019
08:00 - am

Lunching Scholarship Project In Bangladesh

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Nov 2019
07:00 - am

Tube Well Installation for Clean Water

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Give A Little!

Your little generous contribution can make a big change in the life of someone in need. Your generous donation can help:
* Full-fill a person's dream Can feed those living in hunger.
* Can help support those who can’t obtain good health care.
* Can help someone get pure water to drink.
* Can help a mother struggling to feed her baby



There are many ways to get involved with Our Caring Hands mission. You can give us your valuable time by volunteering. You can share our causes & projects with your friends and family to donate for our causes and projects. You can help us reach more people who need help. You can help us by participating in our local events.

**We Are Official Certifying Organization of President’s Volunteer Service Award.**



Help the cause that is close to your heart. Your small donation can make a big impact in a person’s life. People often do not donate because they do not see the struggle with their own eyes. We try to share as much as we can to show you the struggle of a person, of a group of people, of a community, of a country. We believe not only seeing is believing, but also doing is believing.

**All Your Generous Contributions Are Tax Deductible**